PITTSBURGH, PA, September 16, 2021 – Redcon Engineering welcomes Duncan Nickles, a civil engineer, to lead and represent our land development team. Duncan brings 25 years of experience and extensive knowledge within land development and design. As a Penn State graduate and Pittsburgh native Duncan says, “Initially, I’d thought to be an interface between design and construction, and now I’ve been working in consulting engineering for my entire career.”

Duncan’s dedication and long-term commitment to previous employers helped him stand out when looking for the perfect candidate for this position. Keith Straight, Principal and Leader of the Civil Department, said, “ He’s added a tremendous amount of value to our Redcon team. His experience and skill set has provided a different outlook on how to handle certain situations, in engineering and managerial roles.” Duncan will help grow and develop the team while representing Redcon on the client’s behalf and mentoring young engineers in land development.